The Experience Lab at Penn team is focused on supporting bright students of all backgrounds during their most pivotal moments.

About Penn LPS

Lifelong Learning at Penn

The College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) offers ambitious students—from veterans and international scholars to high school students and working professionals—opportunities to develop the skills they need to thrive in a changing global society. Wherever you are in life or in the world, the power of Penn is open to you.


A shared Passion for Education

The Team

Matt Meltzer
Victor Saad
Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom
Curriculum Director
Rita McGlone
Executive Director, Professional and Organizational Development, University of Pennsylvania
Deborah Harrold
Senior Lecturer, Political Science and Liberal and Professional Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Brian Bar
Business Development Program Lead
Tyler Fowler
Digital Marketing & Storytelling Program Lead
Juan Martín Maglione
Strategic Data & AI Program Lead
Megan Bartelt
Field Experiences & Industry Partners
Aana Leech
Digital Marketing Instructor
Faith Anderson
Digital Marketing Instructor
Hayley Darden
Digital Marketing Instructor
Allen Wolff
Recruitment Manager
Celia Ogna
Program Manager
Phoebe Sajor
Content Producer
About Experience Lab

Our Beliefs

Experience Lab began as a way to solve a problem we saw with higher education—students need access to launch their careers through experience.

We hold the following core beliefs:

Experience is for everyone
This type of learning is not limited to certain ages, socioeconomic classes, or seasons of time. Experience is for anyone, anywhere. It is the great leveler of society, excluding no one and understood by everyone.

Experience is transformative
One of the most powerful ways to learn is by doing—by placing ourselves in the situations and with the people who are aiming to solve real world challenges.

Experience should be purposeful and intentional
Learning through experience is not accidental, it should be purposeful and intentional, in order to be more productive and meaningful.

Experience necessitates risk
Many of life’s transformative lessons come from being in a new situation—where you don’t know the right answer or there isn’t a right answer. Those are the places where you’ve taken a leap over the unknown and are aiming for a better place. You have to have faith in yourself and the things that moved you to take that leap.

Experience requires reflection
We don’t only learn by doing. Reflection is the fruit of action—it’s what we take away after planting that nourishes us and those around us. Our ability to examine where we’ve been shapes our ability to see where we might go.

Experience enables storytelling
Our actions set the stage for the compelling stories we share with friends, family, peers, and heroes. Those stories define our future relationships, careers, and perspectives on the world and ourselves. If we take the time to craft and tell them well, they lead to our very best places.

Experience is better together
Community multiplies the lessons we learn. With every new set of eyes, our experiences become exponentially more meaningful, both personally and to those around us.

Underlying it All

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We believe that our community is strongest when all voices are represented. We do not tolerate discrimination or microagressions of any kind. We ensure that our learning and sharing spaces are safe and welcoming at all times. Click here to read our full inclusion statement.

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About Experience Lab at Penn

This program is a collaboration between Experience Lab and The University of Pennsylvania’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies (Penn LPS) to enable college graduates to transition into trending careers through skill-building, networking, and immersive entrepreneurial experiences.

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